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Therme Forum hosts global events with a focus on finding solutions to the most pressing questions of our age. Its multidisciplinary approach brings together leading thinkers from art, design, architecture, sociology, ethnography, anthropology, geography, politics, environmental science, physiology, psychology and economics to find innovative new approaches.

World-Changing Ideas for a Changing World

Therme Forum finds innovative new solutions to some of the most pressing questions of our age. Bringing together leading thinkers from art, design, architecture, science and economics, Therme Forum hosts global events with a focus on wellbeing, culture, technology and sustainability.

These multidisciplinary events encourage an environment of collaboration and the exchanging of ideas, inspiring holistic answers to universal problems that generate real lasting change.

Therme Forum events create an environment where people can connect and explore new ideas and concepts.

Therme Forum: Theatre and Architecture at Sibiu International Theatre Festival.

Global Events

Theatre and Architecture 

For the last three years, Therme Forum: Theatre and Architecture has been transforming conversations around theatre, technology and the built environment at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival. The event series, a collaboration between Therme Group, the festival, and global engineering firm Arup, gathers leading designers, managers and artists to discuss theatre and the value of a wider investment in culture, in preparation for the development of the new National Theatre in Sibiu.

1.39 MIN

Dimensions of Wellbeing

Therme Group is committed to delivering its vision of wellbeing for all and in 2019 it partnered with COGITO, the epistemology group at the University of Glasgow, on a 5-year research programme. The ongoing project is the first integrated research programme looking at all dimensions of wellbeing. The programme will provide invaluable data on the function of architecture and environment on human wellbeing. These key insights into the science of wellbeing will then be applied to Therme Group facilities worldwide, helping to create environments that are perfectly optimised for guest’s wellbeing.  

To launch the partnership, Therme Forum and COGITO hosted an event at the University of Glasgow that brought together experts in philosophy, architecture, engineering and science to discuss and define concepts of wellbeing and ways in which these can be used to inform all aspects of building design. 

2.23 MIN

Design Miami

Occurring alongside the International Art fairs in Miami, USA each December and Basel, Switzerland each June, Design Miami/ Basel is the foremost global platform for collecting, exhibiting, and discussing design. In 2018, Therme Group furthered its partnership with Design Miami by co-hosting the event’s Talks program and commissioning famed architect Francis Kéré to design the Talks Theater and chair the Therme Forum event.  

Within the 2019 edition of Design Miami, Therme Forum hosted a panel discussion on the future of sustainable architecture and city-planning. Responding to the impact of human activity on our planet, the discussion examined how designers and artists can collaborate with urban planners, architects and engineers to re-envision sustainable and inclusive cities for the future. 

The City of Artists

How artists can sustainably shape our future environments

96.15 MIN

Meet the Therme Forum team

Elena Morariu Strategic Cultural Advisor Therme Group/ Programme Manager Therme Forum
Strategic Cultural Advisor Therme Group/ Programme Manager Therme Forum
Elena is involved in organising international art and architecture events that focus on curated talks and discussions. At Therme Forum, she is responsible for maintaining relationships with existing partners and cultivating new collaborations for the extension of Therme Group’s cultural and social initiatives. She serves as a liaison between Therme Group and the Therme Art Program by creating comprehensive strategies that integrate artistic projects into Therme Group’s facilities. Prior to joining the company, Elena spent over a decade in the publishing and media industries, holding positions such as editor-in-chief and PR manager. Her previous experience also includes collaborations with global cultural institutions.
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