Health & Safety

Therme Group is proud to meet the highest standards of hygiene and safety for our guests and staff alike.

Keeping guests and staff safe

Hygiene and safety are the top priority at every one of our Therme destinations. We are a leader in developing technology to keep guests safe and closely follow all global public health measures.

In a world in which people have a renewed focus on safety and wellbeing, Therme is constantly developing new approaches so that we can meet new public health challenges as they arise.

Every day, our highly trained lifeguards and customer safety personnel are always on hand so our guests can relax and enjoy Therme’s tranquil environment.

At Therme Group, we aim to make a lasting impact in our guests’ lives. In line with this, we offer ‘lifeguard school’ for young people at our facilities. Through these courses, we help develop an understanding of water safety and basic first aid which our alumni can apply even once they have left Therme.

Air and Water Purification

The extensive hygiene standards of Therme’s facilities are an industry benchmark.

As a LEED Platinum concept, Therme uses state-of-the-art sustainable water filtration systems based on natural processes to purify the entire Therme environment, so guests are always breathing in the freshest air and swimming in the cleanest water.

During the air treatment process, large volumes of air are exchanged and purified by HEPA filtration (medical grade), doubled by UVC treatment on the recovery air.

Therme’s ozone water treatment technology neutralises all bacteria and viruses to 99.99%, 3 times faster than chlorine systems.


Sustainable Water Treatment, Inspired by Nature

How Therme MEP creates an optimum environment for wellbeing at all Therme resorts

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Health and Safety Accreditations

At Therme Group we always target the highest standards of certification for each of our current and future resorts.


Therme Group equipment is accredited by TÜV, the Quality Certification System. This vital health and safety certification ensures resort equipment complies with the law and is in safe working order.

ESPA – European Spa Association

Therme Group is certified by the ESPA, Europe’s leading authority on spas. Certification is the result of a rigorous 400-point auditing process and is internationally recognised as the highest standard in the industry.

WELL Health-Safety Rating

Therme Group has earned the WELL Health-safety Rating for Therme Bucharest. The rating is an evidence-based, third-party verified accreditation to ensure safe and healthy environments in the post-COVID-19 world.

SGS Water Quality

Therme Bucharest is officially certified by Institut Fresenius SGS for meeting the highest standards required for spas, health resorts and natural thermal spas. SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, and the global benchmark for quality and integrity.