Therme MEP

Therme MEP is the dedicated MEP (mechanical, electrical and public health) building services design company of Therme Group.

Wellbeing Engineered

Guided by research and innovation, Therme MEP uses advanced technological processes to ensure that water and energy consumption are carefully considered across the entire life cycle of all Therme Group facilities. 

Therme MEP’s remit includes:

  • geothermal water treatment and heating transfer
  • heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • electrical solutions
  • lighting and sound systems
  • swimming pool, mineralised pool and wastewater treatment
  • power generation.

The team also cares for each venue through irrigation, fertilisation, ventilation and monitoring. Generating sophisticated projections and designs, Therme MEP ensures all of these distinct elements are working in harmony towards sustainable goals. 

Therme MEP develops, implements and monitors systems across all Therme Group facilities with the aim of reducing environmental impact and enhancing the guest experience.

Driving Innovation and Sustainability towards CO2 Neutrality

Therme MEP is guided by the chief aim of restructuring technological resources to meet Therme Group’s sustainability goals. Using durable engineering design, alongside top performance materials and technologies, Therme MEP optimises building and energy efficiency to deliver minimum environmental impact.  

Therme MEP’s sustainable site planning and management are central to creating healthy environments that benefit both Therme Group’s employees and its clients. Following LEED platinum sustainability accreditation for Therme Bucharest, Therme MEP is working to reduce the resort’s carbon footprint by upgrading the facility’s MEP design to ensure efficient energy usage. Further to this, Therme MEP will forecast energy consumption according to the weather and visitor numbers in order to generate, co-generate and store green energy.

Suncast modelling allows Therme MEP to predict energy consumption to optimise efficiency.

Advanced Digital Modelling

The team at Therme MEP constantly seeks new initiatives and tools to improve the way it works. At the heart of this work are cutting-edge technological processes that allow Therme MEP to create hyper-detailed plans of facilities and to 'build smart'. 3D design software and digital modelling allow Therme MEP to generate calculations and simulations to improve functionality across building systems. These findings are then integrated across other departments, ensuring sustainability is pursued in construction and long after the facility has opened.  

Another key tool implemented by Therme MEP is BIM technology (Building Information Modelling). BIM refers to the process of using a single coherent system of 3D models to carefully monitor all building systems from design, through to construction and operation.  

The comprehensive building models provided by BIM provide Therme MEP with the insight and tools to improve building sustainability at every level, optimising energy consumption and maximising productivity

An HVAC building design simulation – findings are integrated across other departments, ensuring sustainability is pursued in construction and long after the facility has opened.

Engineering at Therme MEP

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Meet the Therme MEP team

Viorel Beltechi VP Energy and Engineering and CEO Therme Asia, Therme Group
VP Energy and Engineering and CEO Therme Asia, Therme Group
Viorel is the CEO of Therme Group Asia and also serves as VP of Energy and Engineering on the Therme Group Worldwide Executive Advisory Board. An experienced diplomat, he played key roles working in various government departments, particularly in the energy sector. Among his many achievements were promoting and developing the economic relationship between Romania and China, as well as coordinating the energy sector in the 16+1 Central and Eastern Europe cooperation with China.
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Daniel Târziu Senior Mechanical Engineer
Senior Mechanical Engineer
As a mechanical engineer, Daniel is experienced in both the design and development. He coordinates a team of engineers, ensuring efficiency across all Therme MEP’s activities including taking responsibility for the technical department. Daniel has experience working for several engineering companies, in the development of assembly departments for water supply and firefighting systems, as well as on the design of HVAC systems. Daniel was awarded a PhD scholarship at the Polytechnic University in Grenoble and was a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Building Services Engineering, in Bucharest (Department of fluid mechanics)
Vlad Dumitrescu Senior HVAC Engineer
Senior HVAC Engineer
Vlad is an MEP engineer, with 20 years’ experience in designing and building MEP systems. For many years he was actively involved in various companies as a HVAC designer and has coordinated MEP design for many projects including in offices building, factories, malls. He has been a qualified Romanian Energy Assessor since 2017
Andreea Hasan Senior Sanitary & FF Engineer 
Senior Sanitary & FF Engineer 
With a career in design and construction consultancy, Andreea has more than 15 years’ experience in construction and installation design. She has contributed to numerous national projects as a project manager and design engineer for plumbing and fire safety. She has been a certified fire safety engineer by IGSU since 2013
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Mihai Cristian Rusu Senior Refrigeration Engineer
Senior Refrigeration Engineer
With more than 20 years in cooling and freezing plants design, as well as supervising engineering, Mihai is a MEP engineer specialized in heat pumps and cogeneration applications. He coordinates a team of refrigeration engineers, and he is also assuring that refrigeration plants that are designed for food and non-food applications are in a good shape. Mihai has a vast experience working for several engineering companies, especially in the development of design cogeneration and heat pump heating systems.
Alin Nastase Senior Automation Engineer
Senior Automation Engineer
Alin has a background in designing and developing custom software applications for water management (SCADA Applications) and control panel software for programmable logic controllers, as well as building full stack solutions in water management. His experience contributes to the development of a full management and forecasting energy system, building an adaptive and scalable monitoring system on new technologies.

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