The Therme Experience

Therme is an inclusive, multi-generational space. Our guests are united in a culture of wellbeing that brings people together in a unique environment.

Redefining Wellbeing

Throughout the world, there are deep-rooted traditions of wellbeing based in water and heat. By reviving these traditions and combining them with modern evidenced-based wellbeing, technology, culture and nature, Therme Group creates a state-of-the-art wellbeing oasis designed for all.

Therme redefines the concept of wellbeing, with activities for children, adults and seniors offering both fun leisure time and the benefits of an active healthy lifestyle all at an affordable price-point. Every visitor's journey is unique based on their mood, needs and occasion, with varied activities across large family zones and dedicated adult areas.

Active & Fun
Therapeutic Wellbeing
Calm & Relaxing
Culture & Education
Food & Nutrition

Active & Fun

  • Waterslides
  • Wave pools
  • Sports and fitness programming
  • Indoors & outdoor beaches (varies by location)
  • Physical activity built into design

Therapeutic Wellbeing

  • Therapeutic mineral pools 
  • Stunning saunas and steam rooms 
  • Signature multi-sensory ‘Aufguss’ sauna sessions 
  • 100’s of affordable therapies 
  • Sports recovery and performance (varies by location)

Calm & Relaxing

  • Warm water lagoons
  • Indoor & outdoor pools
  • Panoramic pools (varies by location)
  • Swim-up bars
  • Indoor & outdoor botanical gardens

The 100,000s of plants that make up our indoor are managed by our botanics specialists, Therme NAT.

Culture & Education

  • Arts, entertainment and cultural programming
  • Immersive digital art installations
  • Educational activities: art, nutrition, nature, sports

Therme Group has a deep connection with and commitment to the arts. Its cultural incubator, Therme ART, will bring immersive art and culture to Therme facilities across the globe, making them a places of culture, learning and spiritual enrichment.

Food & Nutrition

  • Nutritious, sustainably produced food that enhances the benefits of Therme
  • Salad bars, live cooking, healthy cafés, juice, smoothie and hydration points
  • Grab-and-go options and restaurants for all occasions
  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plans
  • On-site vertical farming

Therme’s food and beverage specialists, Therme RPC, develop delicious and nutritious menus to delight guests and inform them of the importance of healthy food choices.

Discover Therme Bucharest

Follow the link to explore Therme Bucharest with our virtual tour.



The positive wellbeing benefits of being in ‘blue and green’ spaces are increasingly understood and valued

The Therme experience is based on research showing that access to water and nature, physical activity, thermal bathing and associated therapies have a positive preventative and therapeutic impact on a myriad of physical and mental conditions. These include conditions such as obesity, poor musculoskeletal health, arthritis, digestive and metabolic challenges, stress, depression, cardiovascular disease, stroke, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

At Therme, we work to build people’s access to and positive relationship with water and nature. Through our guest experience, we demonstrate to guests how natural spaces are crucial to their health and wellbeing and precious resources that should be protected. 

Therme’s environment, based in water and nature, creates a natural oasis including:

  • Crystal-clear naturally purified water
  • Stunning indoor and outdoor botanical gardens
  • 1,000s of trees
  • 800,000+ plants

Interested in finding out about
the Therme Experience for yourself?

We have created a guide with all you need to know about a day out at Therme Bucharest.

With regular flights from across Europe, Bucharest is an ideal city break destination. Therme is located a short taxi ride from Bucharest airport, making it very easy to reach. For the more adventurous traveller, it can easily be enjoyed as an extreme day out, flying out and returning home on the same day. 

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