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Discover the industry-leading expertise that enables Therme Group to create its wellbeing resorts.

Dr. Robert C. Hanea Chairman of the Board - CEO
Chairman of the Board - CEO
Dr. Robert C. Hanea is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Therme Group, a leading global technology company and integrator of health, sustainability and recreation concepts. Its mission is to bring wellbeing to all by creating the world’s most advanced experiences to enhance mind, body and soul. Mr. Hanea serves on the boards of several investment companies, architecture and law practices. He currently maintains co-chair positions on the boards of various foundations dedicated to education and medical support programs.
Stelian S. Iacob Senior Vice President - COO
Senior Vice President - COO
Stelian S. Iacob is Senior Vice President of Therme Group and CEO of Therme Group UK. Stelian is a law graduate with an LL.M. from the Romanian-German University of Sibiu. Prior to his current role, he was one of the people involved early on in the development of the new Therme Group Concept, overseeing operations at Therme Group’s facility in Bucharest, where he focused on improving service quality and reputational and brand enhancement through the development and retention of key talent. Currently, he is Senior Vice President of the global group. 
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Adrian Ion VP of Corporate Finance - CFO
VP of Corporate Finance - CFO
Adrian Ion is the CFO of Therme Group and VP for Corporate Finance, responsible for managing the group’s financial strategy, its relationship with investors and funding partners and day-to-day financial operations. Prior to joining Therme Group, Adrian held senior roles at Ares Management, where he was the Finance Director of a $4bn European real estate platform, Deutsche Asset Management, where he was the Chief Financial Officer of the European Alternatives Group and Barings, the global investment management firm. Adrian champions the development of a sustainable finance framework dedicated to delivering wellbeing outcomes and the use of ESG metrics, alongside traditional financial KPIs, to measure the impact of business on people and the planet. Adrian is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales and a member of the Investment Property Forum. 
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Prof. Dr. Albrecht Burmeister VP of Technology
VP of Technology
The work of Professor Burmeister is characterized by pursuing excellence in engineering. Optimizing structural solutions to create architectural freedom is part of his performance spectrum. The aim is to realize structures that are, of course, safe, but also economical and beautiful. The solid basis of consequent optimization is the application of numerical simulation together with expertise in design and construction. His work as a CEO is characterized by implementing high-tech numerical simulations to a broad spectrum of engineering solutions out of structural engineering, machinery and plant engineering together with automotive applications. His scientific lecturing activities focus on structural dynamics, stability and nonlinear behaviour.
Nicholas Cranfield VP of Corporate Governance & Chief Legal Officer
VP of Corporate Governance & Chief Legal Officer
Nicholas Cranfield is Chief Legal Officer and Executive Vice President of Corporate Governance and is responsible for the oversight of legal risk and the delivery of legal services across Therme Group. Nicholas joined Therme Group with wide-ranging and global experience in the leadership of in-house legal teams and the delivery of legal and compliance services. Most recently he was the Global Legal Services Director at Dyson, where he managed Dyson’s global legal teams and transformed the delivery of legal services across the group. Prior to this, Nicholas was based in Shanghai as Legal Director for Johnson Matthey.
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Prof. David Russell CEO of Therme Group UK and VP of Food and Nutrition
CEO of Therme Group UK and VP of Food and Nutrition
David was appointed Chief Executive of Therme UK in July 2023 following a successful three-year tenure as Chief Executive of the joint venture between The Russell Partnership Collection and Therme Group. In the Therme UK CEO’s role David will deliver Therme Groups’ mission of ‘wellbeing for all’ – for individuals, communities and the environment. David was honoured with the Welcome Skills Lifetime Achievement Award for his total commitment to the Hospitality and Leisure industry and in 2022 was recognised as a Legend of Industry. David created and built the UK’s largest Food and Technology Consultancy for over 30 years, in over 30 countries. David read Hospitality Management at Leeds, is a Freeman of the City of London, a Professor of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure and a qualified nutritionist, he is named in the list of most influential individuals within hospitality in the UK, has presented over 500 global keynote addresses and published an excess of 200 articles.
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Duncan Newbury VP of Brand Strategy & Marketing Director
VP of Brand Strategy & Marketing Director
Duncan is a marketer and entrepreneur with a background in sports, leisure, entertainment, media and events. In his role at Therme Group he heads up brand, marketing and communications worldwide, working to benefit the wellbeing of customers, stakeholders and communities. His early career was with The Guardian newspaper during the launch of its website, now a major global online force. Through his career he has worked with world-leading consumer and professional events organisers and venues including Telegraph Events, ExCeL London and Chatham House. In 2011 he founded a successful resort-specialist ski holiday company and more recently a digital marketing agency. His personal passions include active and adventure travel, skiing and running.
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Edelfried Balle CEO, Thermengruppe Josef Wund & VP, Therme Group
CEO, Thermengruppe Josef Wund & VP, Therme Group
Edelfried Balle is VP of Digital System Integrations for Therme Group Worldwide. As of 2017 he has been CEO of the entire WUND Group West in Germany. Previously he was a member of the executive board and Chief Financial Officer of several companies and real estate projects within the WUND Group, which he joined in 2010. After his academic graduation in 1987 he immediately assumed a superior management assignment in a large German construction company. In 1990 he opened his own company. The firm consulted to construction companies in the fields of business, economics, and IT development. It was sold successfully after four years. His subsequent career took him to senior management positions as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in large international construction enterprises, including F. KIRCHHOFF AG and STRABAG AG. Throughout his career his main field of competence has been in strategic business development, reorganization, and restructuring.
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Eduard Goean VP of New Business Partnerships
VP of New Business Partnerships
Eduard R. Goean possesses a diversified professional experience and set of skills which cover key areas such as diplomacy, strategic business growth and entrepreneurship. As General Consul of Romania’s diplomatic missions in the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macao, Mr Goean was the architect of the negotiating strategy used by the Romanian delegation to successfully conclude strategic partnership agreements with political representatives of Asia-Pacific states and with regional investors. He was also a key member of the respective negotiation teams. As a member of the Board of Directors of several Romanian companies, Mr Goean was an active member of specialist strategy teams focused on optimising business portfolios, identifying new investment opportunities and exploring innovative ways of improving productivity in a variety of industries.
Elvira Calugaritoiu VP of Corporate Operations - CCO
VP of Corporate Operations - CCO
Elvira Calugaritoiu is the Executive Vice President of Corporate Operations at Therme Group, where she leads the operational finance team, overseeing HR, F&B, and ERP implementation. Prior to joining Therme Group, Ms. Calugaritoiu was a board member at Domo Retail SA, having previously led their expansion. As a board member, she coordinated developments from site evaluation through to negotiation, acquisition, and restructuring and network strategy team. Before joining Domo, Ms. Calugaritoiu had been a leading role in the expansion of Kaufland Romania, a company of the world`s leading retailer Schwarz Gruppe. Ms. Calugaritoiu holds a BBA from the Academy of Economic Sciences in Bucharest, where she graduated summa cum laude in Management, Marketing and Accounting.
Heiko Wollmann CTO, Thermengruppe Josef Wund & VP, Therme Group
CTO, Thermengruppe Josef Wund & VP, Therme Group
After gaining an engineering degree in construction management from the University of Karlsruhe, Heiko Wollmann joined the WUND architectural firm in 1997 as a project manager. After the successful completion of very large projects—among them, several hospitals, the Hanover Fairground in Germany, and the Innsbruck Football Stadium in Austria—he was appointed to the executive board of the WUND Group of Companies. He is in charge of the development of all new Therme Group projects and leads the existing operations of the largest spa facilities in the Black Forest, Sinsheim, and Cologne-Euskichen.
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Viorel Beltechi VP of Energy and Engineering
VP of Energy and Engineering
Viorel is the CEO of Therme Group Asia and also serves as VP of Energy and Engineering on the Therme Group Worldwide Executive Advisory Board. An experienced diplomat, he played key roles working in various government departments, particularly in the energy sector. Among his many achievements were promoting and developing the economic relationship between Romania and China, as well as coordinating the energy sector in the 16+1 Central and Eastern Europe cooperation with China.
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Philipp H. Treml Global VP of Corporate & Tech Ventures
Global VP of Corporate & Tech Ventures
Philipp H. Treml is the Global VP of Tech-Ventures at Therme Group, where he supports the integration of complex technologies in various investments around the world. This includes leading the team that implemented the geothermal heating and treatment installations at Therme’s Bucharest facility. Prior to joining Therme Group, Mr. Treml oversaw the development and implementation of new technologies with A-Heat AG and its subsidiaries in Germany, Hungary, Mexico, and Indonesia. Mr. Treml holds a BSC in Molecular Biotechnology from the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna, Austria.
Rainer Maelzer VP of Attraction Development and Partnerships
VP of Attraction Development and Partnerships
Mr. Maelzer joined Therme Group in 2018 as a full member of the team and is in charge of the Leisure Department at Therme. Mr. Maelzer is the co-founder of WiegandMaelzer GmbH, a company dedicated to the sale, development and realization of leisure facilities in water and theme parks. With twenty years experience in the leisure industry, Mr. Maelzer has implemented world-class award winning attractions, from various Therme projects, up to custom solutions on cruise ships. Mr. Maelzer holds a MBA degree from the University of Innsbruck, as well as an Engineering degree from University of Applied Sciences, Innsbruck.
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Robert Solomon VP of Project Operations
VP of Project Operations
Robert Solomon is one of the leading experts in corporate leadership, investment, and finance. Among his responsibilities are investment strategy and the strategic setup and implementation of corporate and international financing structures. On an organisational level, he is also in charge of market analyses and planning operational endeavours.
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