Sustainable Technology

State-of-the-art technology

At all stages, from concept and design through to operation, Therme resorts use state-of-the-art technology to deliver an environment that is both sustainable and perfectly optimised for wellbeing.

Landmark Wellbeing Architecture

Nature has an incredible power to solve problems and generate wellbeing. Therme learns from nature to create landmark developments with its BioTrue™ system of development including:

  • Multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Drawing inspiration from nature
  • Biomorphic natural forms
  • Biomimetic systems

Therme’s landmark developments can act as centrepieces for mixed-use development and a catalyst for greener, healthier, more liveable cities.

Find out more about Therme ARC and our architectural process


Examples of current and future Therme resorts incorporating plants and natural light and forms to create biophilic environments which support wellbeing.

Sustainability features


  • Natural thermal water SGS certified*
  • Ozonation cleaning process minimises use of chlorine
  • Pool water filtered and recirculated twice a day
  • 92%+ of all water recycled*
  • Wastewater per guest just 25L*
  • 35% of wastewater used for watering plants 
* varies by location


  • Natural heating & cooling from dynamic structures - retractable roofs and facades
  • 80%+ of energy sourced from geothermal*
  • c.80% of remaining needs from renewables*
*varies by location


  • Low-carbon product at c. 14kg  CO2e per guest (scopes 1-3)
  • Future technology to reduce carbon includes photovoltaics, district heating, water source heat pumps and CHP (combined heat and power) 
  • Development of low-carbon and  net zero travel options to reduce car usage.

Materials & Construction

  • Slim steel frame and glazing maximises natural sunlight
  • High SRI value roof technology prevents ‘heat island’ effects
  • Designed and constructed to 9+ on Richter scale
  • Sustainably produced, highly durable materials
  • Locally sourced where possible
  • Wood FSC certified