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Therme IGE

Therme IGE is a joint venture between Therme Group and renowned agritech professionals, IGS (Intelligent Growth Systems). 

Officially launched at COP26 in Glasgow, Therme IGE was developed by Therme’s dedicated wellbeing food and nutrition company, Therme RPC. It will see vertical hydroponic farms developed at Therme Group’s wellbeing destinations worldwide, enabling sustainable and locally grown, nutrient-rich fresh produce to be available to the millions of guests that will visit every year.

Therme IGE launch at COP26

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Compared to traditional agriculture, the Therme IGE concept drastically reduces water and energy consumption, using 80% less water and 400% increased space efficiency. This makes urban locations a viable option for large-scale food production. The produce, which will initially include kale, rocket, basil and dill, will have zero ‘food miles’ when they land on guests’ plates. The 100% pesticide-free concept results in enhanced flavours and nutrients, alongside an accelerated rate of plant growth.

The produce grown by Therme IGE will be used in Therme restaurants, bars, and skin care products. In addition to developing delectable menus, Therme is committed to improving mental and physical health through exciting and engaging food experiences.

Therme Bucharest will be home to the first Therme IGE hydroponic vertical farm.

Therme IGE’s vertical farms will initially provide leafy green vegetables and herbs for Therme restaurants, later expanding to other produce.

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A partnership between Therme RPC and IGS

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