Jane Withers Studio

Therme Group is working with Jane Withers Studio on a Cultural Anthropology Sauna Initiative to investigate bathing culture and provide strategic consultation to Therme Group.

The first outcome of this initiative was the publication of a report on sauna culture titled Social Sauna.

Social Sauna - Bathing & Wellbeing, written and curated by Jane Withers Studio and released by Therme Group, offers a fresh viewpoint on international sauna culture, ritual, and design. The publication explains how sauna can now provide new advantages for health, wellbeing, and community by defining the practice's fundamental elements and examining how it is changing for the twenty-first century. Social Sauna examines sauna culture from ancient global steam bathing traditions to contemporary experimental sauna practices.

Jane Withers is a leading design consultant, curator and writer. Jane Withers Studio works with international cultural and commercial clients on design-led strategy, idea development, curation, and creative direction. Jane Withers Studio is particularly interested in raising environmental consciousness and promoting change through design. As collaborators on each project, the studio relies on a large network of architects, designers, and professional and academic experts from various disciplines. Jane has produced exhibitions and events that have received critical acclaim at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Royal Academy of Arts, among others.

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