Dimensions of Wellbeing

As part of its commitment to advancing the understanding and knowledge of wellbeing, in 2019 Therme Group partnered with COGITO, the epistemology research centre at the University of Glasgow to develop a research programme to explore the science and philosophy of wellbeing.

“Dimensions of Wellbeing” is the first large-scale, interdisciplinary investigation into the nature of wellbeing. It will provide invaluable data on the function of architecture and environment on human wellbeing. The ongoing initiative, which has a five-year timeline, is a continuation of a successful pilot programme which focused on how the construction and functioning of thermal baths can foster a sense of wellbeing. 

The insights from the programme will be applied to Therme Group facilities worldwide, furthering our understanding of how  architecture and the surroundings affect humans and helping to create environments that are perfectly optimised for guest’s wellbeing.

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