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Arup: Future of Arts and Culture

Therme Group collaborated with ARUP to deliver the report ‘The Future of Arts and Culture’, a qualitative investigation into the global future of arts and culture, looking into emerging forces drivers of change, and potential effects that may alter the cultural industry in the coming decade.

To view the findings visit the Future of Arts and Culture website.

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The Future of Arts and Culture project aims to involve, make sense of, and illustrate the viewpoints of numerous industry leaders around the globe. The research aims to illuminate and explore critical trends and the possible scenarios that they may connect to form a coherent forward view about the future of arts and culture. It does this through a combination of digital insight collection and synthesis, selected in-depth interviews, and expert analysis from leaders in qualitative trend analysis and scenario development for strategic planning with experience in the arts and culture.

Arup is an international group of designers, advisors, and specialists. It was established to be both humane and excellent, and to partner with clients and partners to create a better world through imagination, technology and rigour.

Future of Arts and Culture Report

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