Strategic Partner

Wund Holding

Wund Holding (Wund Holding GmbH, Friedrichshafen), operating as Thermengruppe Josef Wund, is a pioneer in recreation and is credited with transforming the German thermal resort industry. Due to the close partnership between Dr. Robert Hanea, CEO and Founder of Therme Group and the late Josef Wund, the visionary architect and founder of Wund Holding, the two companies have enjoyed an excellent far-reaching strategic partnership for many years.

The partnership leverages the world-leading technologies and experience of both organisations to build future growth. As part of the partnership, the two organisations consolidated their architectural and technical capabilities by forming Therme ARC, Therme Group’s dedicated architecture company. Therme Group and Wund Holding are collaborating closely to deliver a new Therme project in Bad Vilbel, part of the Frankfurt-Rhein metropolitan area.

Projects by Therme Group are underway in the United Kingdom, continental Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. These new developments will be supported by the Wund partnership, helping to achieve the highest standards in customer service and sustainability.

Josef Wund Foundation

Following the tragic death of Josef Wund, the non-profit Josef Wund Foundation, which was founded by him, became the sole beneficiary and owner of ‘Thermengruppe Josef Wund’. The group operates three therme locations, Euskirchen, Sinsheim and Titisee-Neustadt. With a sophisticated architectural concept, Josef Wund laid the foundation for his unique vision of wellbeing experiences with the opening of his facilities in 1999.
With the establishment of the Foundation, Josef Wund wanted to express his heartfelt gratitude for his professional achievements and enable the general public to share in his economic success. The Josef Wund Foundation's commitment to the common good is particularly evident in the implementation of projects in the fields of education, health and creativity. The topic of water plays an overriding role, illustrated by the Foundation's own projects such as the Undine Award, which celebrates commitment to sustainable water management and environmental protection.

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