Therme ARC

Therme ARC is Therme Group's in-house architecture practice and design company, with offices in Romania and Germany. The leading architects at Therme ARC develop spectacular and environmentally friendly architectural concepts that create an optimised environment of wellbeing.

Connected Green Architecture for the Cities of Tomorrow

Therme Group facilities are world-renowned for their ambitious and complex structures. Through state-of-the-art technology, Therme ARC designs some of the most sustainable buildings in the world. Therme Bucharest, for example, is accredited with LEED platinum in sustainability, equivalent to BREEAM Outstanding in the UK.

Therme Group facilities’ architectural design is central to creating their unique wellbeing ecosystems.

Designing Wellbeing For All

Therme ARC creates environments that foster wellbeing, where guests can connect both with nature and each other. In line with Therme Group’s mission to drive inclusive urban wellbeing, each resort is designed to encourage social interaction and ensure equality of access to space and facilities – a healthy, inclusive environment to spend free time in the city. Furthermore, navigation throughout the space is designed to be intuitive, generating a sense of openness for guests.

The biophillic architecture of Therme facilities bring humans and nature together in harmony.

The combination of state-of-the-art technology and design methods with natural elements ensures Therme Group resorts are truly unique.

An Interdisciplinary Approach inspired by Nature

Inspired by nature and bringing together specialists from botany, material science, philosophy and psychology, Therme ARC ensures that each new Therme Group building is a perfect ecosystem, catering to both human and environmental need. 

Using Therme Group’s propriety BioTrue™ system of development – a system founded in material and structural biomimicry – Therme ARC replicates highly sophisticated natural processes to develop structures that are sustainable, technologically advanced and in harmony with the natural world. These concepts of biophilic design also help to support visitors' wellbeing.

Therme ARC’s BioTrue designs takes inspiration from nature, using biomimicry to create environments optimised for human wellbeing. The shape of Therme Manchester’s wellbeing garden is inspired by the delicate folds of a rose.

BioTrue™ Architecture

Therme ARC understands that nature holds the answers to many design challenges. BioTrue™ architecture is Therme group’s interdisciplinary design system that, through technology, applies mechanisms from the natural world to inform visionary design concepts. 

The BioTrue™ system replicates with mathematical precision natural shapes, structures and functionality, resulting in ‘living structures’ that endure over time and are self-sustaining. Using this system, Therme ARC’s architects have found that nature can offer integrated solutions to a range of design elements including stability, wind dynamic responses, hydraulics and light and ventilation. 

By embracing nature as the original architect, Therme ARC applies natural design solutions that are high performing, visually appealing and energy efficient.

Therme ARC’s interdisciplinary approach allows it to deliver iconic projects across the world.

Meet the Therme ARC team

Patricia Popescu Head of Architecture
Head of Architecture
Patricia Popescu is the Head of Architecture at Therme ARC, where her competence in architecture, design, and strategic planning has enabled her to expand and refine Therme Group’s practical expertise in how it builds its facilities. Prior to joining Therme Group, Patricia ran a private architecture practice, where she gained experience across diverse areas including interior design, commercial, and urban planning. Patricia is a graduate of the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urban Planning in Bucharest, holding an MArch. She is also a member of the Romanian Order of Architects
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Johannes Flügel Head of Architecture, Therme ARC DE
Head of Architecture, Therme ARC DE
Johannes Flügel is the Head of the Architecture Department at Therme ARC, where he is in charge of the design and execution planning of thermal spa facilities all over the world. This includes leading the team of the architects of Therme ARC GmbH in Markdorf. Prior to joining Therme ARC, Johannes worked at the Architekturbüro WUND, Friedrichshafen, where he was engaged among other projects in the design and realization of several large spas in Germany. Johannes holds a diploma in architecture from the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, and is a member of the German Chamber of Architects
Walter Klas COO Therme Arc DE & Head of Interior Design
COO Therme Arc DE & Head of Interior Design
Walter Klas is a master craftsman with a diploma in interior design. After several years as managing director and project manager in a large carpentry company he entered advanced training in interior design at the State Centre of Distance Studies in Darmstadt, Germany and graduated with a diploma. In 2012 he joined the Wund Group as Director of Interior Design. Walter Klas has been appointed COO of Therme ARC DE since 2023. In this function he was responsible for the interior design of the new large thermal spa projects and hotels in the Black Forest Titisee Neustadt, in Bad Wörishofen and Sinsheim, in Erding near Munich and Euskirchen near Cologne. He joined Therme ARC in 2018 in the function “Head of Interior Design”
Zoia Gache Head of Planning
Head of Planning
In her function as Head of Planning, Zoia is responsible for identifying trends and drivers that influence and affect the business strategy, creating graphic and narrative reports of the projects, analyzing the impacts of our buildings on both the urban and natural environments and sets them in the particular context of the region. Her engagement with Therme Group extends from BIM implementation to concept and design through space planning, scheduling, budget planning for various projects. She is involved in coordination of projects with third parties in the development of preliminary and final design. Her previous experience includes such projects as office buildings – IBM Romania, BCR ERSTE Bank, Mercedes offices, Timpuri Noi Offices, retail and residential buildings and restoration projects in Bucharest, where she participated in concept design, permit process, and coordinating and supervising contractors on site.
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Alexandru Popescu Senior Architect
Senior Architect
Alex joined Therme ARC in 2020, as a senior member of the Architecture team. Whilst he has worked across many sectors, for the last 20 years he has specialised in masterplan design, large scale retail, residential, office, sports and leisure architecture. His previous role was Associate Director in an Italian design firm. Alex is responsible for managing project teams in dealing with all aspects of design stages: planning, procurement packages, coordinating construction phases and implementation on site. However, his role is predominantly focussed on the coordination and implementation of projects during the detailed design phases. At Therme ARC he is particularly committed to delivering green focused and contemporary architectural designs in order to create spaces dedicated to their occupants and orientated around wellbeing
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Ana Ivan Architect
Ana Ivan works as an architect at Therme Arc, where she uses her extensive experience in architectural practice, as well as interior, stage and product design to further develop and expand Therme Group’s expertise in building new facilities. She is skilled in applying creativity to finding solutions for appealing, yet functional project developments. Ana is a graduate of the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urban Planning in Bucharest, holding an M.Arch
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