Therme Delta-X

Therme Delta-X engineers bring Therme's architectural vision to reality with highly complex engineering solutions, numerical simulation, theoretical expertise, as well as extensive practical experience.

Technologically Advanced Engineering Solutions

Therme Delta-X is the structural engineering company within Therme Group, with its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. It develops technologies to construct the buildings of the future, creating a new environment of health and wellbeing. 

Therme Sinsheim’s curved façade was realised by Delta-X.

Theoretical and Technical Expertise

Since its first project 20 years ago, Delta-X’s engineers have brought the Therme concept to reality with highly complex structural engineering solutions completed to the greatest degree of safety. To achieve this, the Delta-X team uses its expert theoretical knowledge alongside the latest software tools in numerical simulation, earthquake engineering, modelling, optimisation and nonlinear structural behaviour. 

Delta-X’s ground-breaking structural solutions are also exquisite works of art. Therme Group facilities’ vast retractable roofs, curved façades and awe-inspiring structures in steel and glass were all realised by Delta-X.

As well as being visually impressive, Therme Group resorts’ unique structures are technological marvels.

Sophisticated Numerical Simulation for Structural Behaviour

One of the many things that makes Therme buildings unique is their complex and elegant engineering. Therme Delta-X realises these structures through advanced design solutions that improve building transparency – referring to a reduction of materials, resulting in lightweight structures and slim profiles that allow for a broader scope of use. 

The experienced team of engineers at Delta-X transform textural and sculptural ideas into highly sophisticated numerical simulations that are then used to analyse structural behaviour. 

In this way, Delta-X creates optimised structures with slim and elegant forms that meet the complex designs developed by Therme ARC’s architects. All this is achieved while maintaining structural integrity with zero compromise on the robustness and safety of Therme buildings.

Numerical simulations are fundamental in generating complex structures that allow for transparent engineering solutions.

Therme Bucharest: An Engineering Tour de Force

Therme Bucharest is home to the largest retractable roof ever constructed in a seismic zone, weighing 150 tonnes and extending across some 900 sq. metres. To ensure the stability and safety of the entire structure, Delta-X were responsible for the structural planning of all steel and glass elements. The epitome of sophisticated engineering, the facility can withstand earthquakes that exceed nine on the Richter scale.

A still from an earthquake simulation of Therme Bucharest. Using simulation technology allows Therme Delta-X to plan steel and glass elements to withstand extreme conditions.

Meet the Delta-X Team

Prof. Dr. Albrecht Burmeister CEO
The work of Professor Burmeister is characterized by pursuing excellence in engineering. Optimizing structural solutions to create architectural freedom is part of his performance spectrum. The aim is to realize structures that are, of course, safe, but also economical and beautiful. The solid basis of consequent optimization is the application of numerical simulation together with expertise in design and construction. His work as a CEO is characterized by implementing high-tech numerical simulations to a broad spectrum of engineering solutions out of structural engineering, machinery and plant engineering together with automotive applications. His scientific lecturing activities focus on structural dynamics, stability and nonlinear behaviour.
Lutz Eitel Project Manager
Project Manager
With an engineering degree in construction engineering (University of Stuttgart) Lutz joined the company in 2000. The design and construction of innovative structures has been the focus of his work as a project manager. The projects he works on include long span lightweight roofs, innovative buildings and movable structures
Michael Keefer Head of Numerical Simulations & Coordinator of BIM
Head of Numerical Simulations & Coordinator of BIM
Michael supports and performs the development and dimensioning of complex geometrical structures under static and dynamic aspects. By his competence in establishing and running quality management systems, he coordinates the establishment of BIM processes for Therme Group. Prior to joining the company, Michael was a project manager for turnkey constructions. Mr. Keefer holds a graduate degree in civil engineering from the University of Stuttgart

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