Therme NAT

Therme NAT designs, constructs and maintains Therme facilities’ biodiverse gardens ensuring the highest level of sustainability and implementing technologically advanced methods of plant care.

An Oasis in the City

An essential part of Therme facilities’ unique wellbeing environment is their spectacular biodiverse ecosystems that allow humans and nature to come together in harmony. Therme Nature (NAT) brings these beautiful gardens to fruition from the initial design stage through to their operational management.  

Numerous studies have shown that natural environments are good for productivity, mood and mental health. Guided by such findings, Therme Group’s indoor and outdoor ecosystems are designed to optimise guests’ wellbeing.

As some of the largest indoor botanical gardens in the world, Therme group facilities offer a natural biodiverse environment with hundreds of species from palm trees and orchids to shrubs and flowering bulbs.

Green Botanics

Therme Group is committed to the highest levels of sustainability across all its activities. The Therme NAT team follows this commitment, with sustainability and biodiversity guiding their work. Working exclusively with sustainable suppliers, Therme NAT ensures that, across all Therme Group facilities, plants are grown, transported and maintained with the utmost attention to environmental impact.

Central to Therme NAT’s sustainable approach is natural pest control. As an alternative to pesticides, the specialists at Therme NAT work with ecosystems, using natural predators to control harmful insects. This method ensures healthy and resilient plants as well as a natural environment for all Therme Group guests.

Outdoor botanical gardens enhance wellbeing by providing a space where guests can unwind and connect to nature within easy reach of urban centres.

Technologically Advanced Plant Care

Across the Therme Group sites, Therme NAT manages and cares for around 3,500 trees. To ensure every plant receives the correct level of water and nutrients, trees are fitted with a “smart” monitoring and care system which tracks key indicators, delivering necessary water, cooled air and nutrients to keep each plant healthy. 

The World’s First Botanical Garden in an Industrial Setting

In line with the vision of ‘wellbeing for all, Therme NAT supported Therme Group’s sister company, Güntner Group in its bold investment into worker wellbeing at its new factory in Sibiu, Romania. The Sibiu II Megafactory puts worker wellbeing and sustainability at the centre of its design. As part of this, Therme NAT constructed the world’s first botanical garden in an industrial setting.  

Therme NAT incorporated a 13,000 m2 botanical garden, natural plants and water features into the building. Natural light and large green areas, both on the supporting pillars in the main production hall and in separate island areas, create a unique climate for staff. Alongside the buildings architectural design and technology, these natural design features create a pleasant and productive environment that is highly beneficial to worker’s wellbeing. 

As well as supporting positive working environments, plants improve air quality in a variety of ways including by removing CO2 and replacing it with oxygen, regulating humidity and neutralising noxious gases. The Therme NAT team integrated plants specifically chosen for their ability to produce clean air and a healthy atmosphere in order to further support workers health. 

Therme NAT’s integration of green space into the Sibiu II Megafactory will have a profoundly positive impact on the health and happiness of its workers and represents a positive step towards centring wellbeing in work-space design. 

The biophilic architecture helps to support worker's wellbeing at the Güntner Group factory in Sibiu, Romania.

Meet the Therme NAT team

Tonny van Hal Head of Therme NAT
Head of Therme NAT
For over 30 years Tonny has been involved in many green projects such as botanical gardens, tropical gardens in Zoos and wellness projects. Some of his previous projects include Therme Bucharest, Therme Euskirchen, Therme Sinsheim, Hotel Therme Erding, Amazonica Zoo Rotterdam, Elefantenhaus Zoo Zurich, Copenhagen Towers, Birds Park Russia Vorobyi, Pavillion Bahrein Expo Milano, Villages Nature Paris, Monsoon Forest Chester Zoo. He has also been responsible for the purchase, import, export, acclimatisation and sales of (tropical) plants in various companies.
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Daniel Artimon Manager of the Green Department at Therme Bucharest
Manager of the Green Department at Therme Bucharest
From its outset, Daniel has been involved in the Therme Bucharest project. Initially as a construction coordinator, Daniel was involved in landscaping, planting palm trees and giving the project its distinctive green environment. Through supporting the implementation and later development of Therme Bucharest’s irrigation systems, Daniel accumulated vital knowledge in the field and developed a passion for plants, landscaping and everything about creating natural ecosystems.
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Marko Schwamberger Plant Specialist
Plant Specialist
Marko brings over 25 years of experience in landscape and conservation design, in both public and private projects. He has contributed to the landscape design of Therme Bucharest, Therme Sinsheim, Therme Euskirchen, Bavaria Park Bucharest, Bavaria Park, Sibiu, Güntner, Sibiu, the greenhouses at Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH and many private gardens.
Szymon Lepich Plant Specialist
Plant Specialist
Szymon is a specialist in biological pest control and has many years’ experience in the production, acclimatisation and packing of tropical plants. Szymon first started working with tropical plants in 2005 for a company in Denmark. Following this, he was employed by a prominent Dutch grower where he was a department leader, responsible for the acclimatisation, pest control and care for the largest the plants some up to 4,000kg in weight. Szymon has also been responsible for the safe packing and delivery of plants for large projects such as Therme Bucharest, Therme Euskirchen, Badewelt Sinsheim, Badeparadies Schwarzwald, Chester Zoo, Village Nature in Paris. Due to his interest in insects, Szymon specialised in biological pest control. This involves introducing various beneficial insects to control pest populations naturally, ensuring a healthy ecosystem, free of chemicals.

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