Therme PEN

Therme PEN provides the crucial links between concept, engineering, supply chain management, procurement and construction.

Delivering Excellence in Project Engineering

Therme Project and Engineering (PEN) is Therme Group's specialist company dedicated to project development. Its main goal is to manage the continuous interaction of all key factors within Therme Group projects, from planning to operation.
Therme PEN provides crucial links between concepts, engineering, supply chain management, procurement, and construction. No detail is overlooked, from the steel and glass used to build each intricate organic structure, to the cutting-edge water filtration and touchless access systems.

Therme PEN’s project management is crucial to delivering a perfect environment of wellbeing at every Therme resort.

A multi-disciplined team

In order to reach its objectives, Therme PEN has assembled a multidisciplinary team of surveyors, civil and mechanical engineers, business economists, and other specialists. This diverse team draws on experience from all elements of Therme Group's project development process to connect suppliers with project delivery, supervise timelines, and ensure budget compliance. This level of competency, coupled with regular input from Therme Group's design teams, is central to delivering outstanding final constructions.

Therme PEN’s experienced team are crucial to the delivery of the Therme Manchester project.

Local Delivery, Global Outlook

Through experience gained in delivering several Therme Group projects, most notably Therme Bucharest, Therme PEN has developed a core procurement and project management strategy that can be tailored to any market. This experience is implemented in the delivery of all Therme Group projects according to a standardized structure.

Therme PEN is central to the development of the Therme Manchester project. The team analyzes building solutions and finds innovative ways to deliver construction planning, budgets, and timelines. This specialist work ensures that all technical issues, from crane positions to energy management, are solved with the utmost efficiency

Meet the Therme PEN team

Mira Toma Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Mira has a bachelor’s degree from the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest and has been involved in project management throughout her career. Her area of expertise covers both civil and industrial projects. She has been responsible for the project management of residential compounds, hotels and shopping centres in Bucharest and Sibiu, as well as restoration work on historical monuments such as the Palace of Justice in Bucharest and the National Bank of Romania. She has considerable industrial experience relating to vacuum applications in secondary metallurgy of steels, having worked on projects in China, USA and Romania. As Project Manager she has been responsible for planning and overseeing projects, ensuring they are completed in a timely manner and within budget. With excellent communication skills, Mira has coordinated multidisciplinary internal teams and managed interactions between stakeholders, clients and official authorities. Mira joined Therme Group in 2018 and provides project management for domestic and international projects developed by the group.
Bogdan Corbeanu Head of Engineering
Head of Engineering
Bogdan is a highly respected leader in his area, with significant experience in applied engineering. He coordinated the integration of all of Therme Group’s BMS and automation systems and supervised specialist teams in many different areas, such as hydraulics, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, access control and restaurant infrastructure, bathing water controls, architectural lighting, palm irrigation systems, and water management. Bogdan was responsible for coordinating more than 300 people in 60 different technical crews in over 40 companies during the construction phase of Therme Bucharest. He graduated with an engineering degree from the Aerospace Engineering Faculty at the Politehnica University of Bucharest, majoring in Aerospace Propulsion Systems.
Cristian Scutaru Head of Project Management
Head of Project Management
Cristian graduated from Technical University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest with a BSc in Civil Engineering and furthered his education in the UK, graduating with a MSc in Structural Engineering. He started his career in Manchester, UK, performing design and assessments for buildings subjected to extreme loads such as blasts and earthquakes and completed projects in Middle East, South East Asia, South America, Europe and the UK. He then furthered his career in Construction Management working on the Leicester Square Edwardian Hotel contributing to the delivery of one of the most complex projects in Central London. Cristian returned to Bucharest in 2019 to take on a project management role with a Belgian industrial and commercial buildings contractor contributing to securing new projects and managing on-going ones. Within Therme Group, Cristian’s responsibilities include budgeting, planning, preparing procurement packages, negotiating with suppliers, quality control and working together with the other companies in the Group to develop a thorough Construction Management System. Along with his team of project and site managers, he ensures that all parties on the construction site are kept on track and succeeds in maintaining frictionless collaboration between different companies.
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Florin Blanaru Head of Civil Engineering and Architecture Department
Head of Civil Engineering and Architecture Department
Florin is a senior civil engineer. He has worked within Therme Nord Bucharest since 2013, when the construction of the existing facility began. In his position of technical manager he was responsible for the site coordination of: reinforced concrete works, metal structure and GLULAM lamellar wood structure, the construction of swimming pools and mineral pools, the system of slides and saunas, the external closures with glazed panels and natural stone as well as the realisation of all types of finishes.
Gabriel Mosu Civil Engineer, Site Manager
Civil Engineer, Site Manager
Gabriel graduated from the Faculty of Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Constructions and the Faculty of Hydro-technics within the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest. His professional skills are primarily but not limited to design of buildings, the execution and management of construction works. He started as designer of civil structures, then he joined the Therme team in 2014 as a member directly involved in the execution of the Therme Bucharest project. His main role was to coordinate the design and revise drawings to incorporate any changes that occurred during construction and he has also was responsible for coordinating the execution of utilities networks.
Georgiana Majar Lead Surveyor
Lead Surveyor
Georgiana has graduated from Faculty of Geodesy and got her master's degree in Geomatics from the Technical University of Construction in Bucharest. Upon her studies completion in 2015, she joined Therme team in delivering Therme Bucharest project. Being authorized by the National Authority of Cadastre and Real Estate Publicity (ANCPI) and holding a drone flight permit issued by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority, Georgiana assists and coordinates surveying teams for accurate measurements and high-quality data delivery.
Ciprian Ardeleanu BIM Manager
BIM Manager
Ciprian holds a MSc in Structural Engineering awarded by the Technical University “Gh. Asachi” in Iași and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)®. During the last decade he has been involved in and managed civil and industrial projects across London (UK), Oman, and U.A.E. After the return to Romania in 2019, he has joined Therme Group and has been contributing to BIM related processes development and BIM coordination to enable the transition to digital construction.

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