Therme Group and COGITO, the epistemology research centre at the University of Glasgow, to develop a unified theory of wellbeing

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The project will enhance the customer experience at Therme Group projects across the world. What’s more, with results set to be available in the public domain, findings will help inform the leisure and attractions industry, advancing wellbeing globally. 

Jointly financed by Therme Group and The University of Glasgow, the project is the first ever large-scale, interdisciplinary investigation into the nature of wellbeing.

Dimensions of Wellbeing’ will develop a novel, multi-dimensional theory of wellbeing, grounded in both philosophical and psychological research. It will also look into cutting-edge research in environmental psychology to investigate how wellbeing can be generated in the built environment.

The ongoing project, which will take place over a five-year timeline, follows a successful pilot programme between COGITO and Therme Group.
It begins officially with the appointment of Dr Christopher Willard-Kyle as Therme Research Fellow. Renowned in the field, Dr Willard-Kyle is a specialist in research at the intersection of epistemology, ethics and cognitive psychology, and he will be conducting his work in the COGITO Epistemology Research Centre at Glasgow.
Throughout the partnership, COGITO’s findings will be implemented in Therme Group facilities across the world. With each location welcoming in excess of one million visitors per year, the project will have a huge impact on the wellbeing industry. This direct implementation will provide invaluable data to understand the function of architecture and environment on human wellbeing.

Speaking on the research programme, Senior Vice President of Therme Group worldwide and CEO of Therme Group UK, Stelian Iacob, said: “In the past, research into the nature of wellbeing has often been conducted separately in both philosophical and psychological fields, but never at the intersection of both. 

 “Taking an integrated approach, Dimensions of Wellbeing promises cutting-edge results, with real life implementation. Our resorts address the vital modern-day need for wellbeing for all, maintaining and restoring physical and mental health for millions of guests every year – the creation of a new theory of the nature of wellbeing is set to enhance this experience even more.”

 “We are very excited about the ‘Dimensions of Wellbeing’ project. It’s the first interdisciplinary project of its kind, and the industry collaboration with Therme Group builds in direct societal impact, which is rare for research projects in general, and even more so when it comes to philosophy research projects.”

Mona Simion, Deputy Director, COGITO Epistemology Research Centre, said.

Since its launch, Therme Group has applied the latest technologies in wellbeing with the goal of enhancing the physical and mental health of the communities it serves. Therme Group’s overarching philosophical mission to use modern technology to deliver wellbeing for all informs everything – from architecture and design, to carefully controlled ambient temperature and lighting.

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