Therme Donates Sauna to Community in Ukraine on Behalf of Sauna Aid

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As part of its ongoing support of Sauna Aid, a charity founded by the International Sauna Association, Therme Group has donated a 14-person pod sauna to the small village of Staryi Sambir on the western edge of Ukraine. 

Sauna Aid is a multinational organisation that aims to provide movable sauna facilities and supportive services to people facing natural and man-made disasters. Following its inauguration at the Wellbeing Leadership Summit conference in July, Therme agreed to donate and ship the sauna from Romania to Ukraine on behalf of sauna aid. 

The sauna was taken to the sports stadium in the centre of the village and is now used by the community young and old. In a blog post about his trip to see the sauna in Staryi Sambir, Mikkel Aaland, co-founder of Sauna Aid, shared how the sauna was being enjoyed by local youth sports teams and how it was visible to see the positive effect the sauna had on those who used it. 

Therme’s most recent donation to Sauna Aid follows its ongoing support of the British Sauna Society and the International Sauna Association, which included sponsoring a fundraising screening of ‘A Perfect Sweat’ in January 2023. 

For more information on the story behind Sauna Aid read Mikkel’s contribution to Therme’s wellbeing blog, Living Therme.

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