Therme hosts “City in Green: A Forum on Nature, Art, and Urban Wellbeing"

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Therme Group will continue its Community Initiative Strategy in Washington by partnering with the Kennedy Center’s REACH to FOREST festival and hosting a City in Green forum event on March 1st and 2nd. City in Green: A Forum on Nature, Art, and Urban Wellbeing will examine the connection between nature and urban wellbeing, underlining Therme’s commitment to redefining urban spaces as hubs of inclusive wellness. 

At the heart of Therme's vision is that wellbeing should be a fundamental right and accessible to all. Through events like City in Green, Therme seeks to bring this vision to fruition by driving the future of healthier communities. This event offers a space for stimulating conversations and fresh concepts, with artists, activists, designers, and scientists set to explore the impact of nature on human wellbeing from diverse perspectives.

Therme is collaborating with local organizations on several community events. On March 1, students in Ward 8 will mark the end of a month-long partnership with two schools outside of D.C. – one in Manchester, England, and another school in the Amazon – focused on building bonds between children across the world with a focus on environmental activism. The program is facilitated by Project Create and the Brazilian nonprofit Vaga Lume.

To celebrate, the young environmental activist Aneeshwar Kunchala will visit students in Ward 8 participating in the program. Widely perceived as ‘the next David Attenborough’, Aneeshwar’s hometown in North West England is just a short distance away from Therme Manchester. The facility will be the UK’s first city-based wellbeing resort, providing fun, healthy and active experiences for people in Greater Manchester and beyond.

Aneeshwar invites the public to the REACH to FOREST festival here:

Click here for more information on the Forum.

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