Therme Group Return as Wellbeing Partner for London’s Real Estate Conference

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Shaping Better Cities

Therme Group UK partnered with New London Architecture as the official wellbeing partner for the London Real Estate Conference for a second year. Across the conference, conversations centred on developing the built environment in the UK. This year’s theme was ‘Value’. 

“Value is attached to a myriad of concepts including the value of a company or a property, shareholder value, fair value, market value Increasingly as an industry we want to develop, deliver and track our value to the cities we work in and the citizens we work for. Buildings, places and infrastructure can add value by supporting environmental, economic and social wellbeing, and ultimately improving our quality of life.”*

*Description of the event via LREF.

Therme UK focused on sharing its message of transforming urban wellbeing and delivering wellbeing value through art & culture, food and nutrition, and circularity and sustainability, with these three themes coming to life through our activities as wellbeing partner.

A large crowd gathered for Therme's panel event 'Art and Culture: Reshaping the Public Realm for Wellbeing'.

Therme’s panel event ‘Art and Culture: Reshaping the Public Realm for Wellbeing’ began with an introduction by James Mark, Therme UK’s Chief Strategy Officer. He was joined by Minna Arve, Mayor of Turku, Finland; Laia Gasch from World Cities Culture Forum; Lady Lucy French OBE from Fleet Street Quarter and Catherine Howe from Ealing Council.

The panel shed light on the significance of art and culture for urban wellbeing, focusing on the economic benefits of cultural investments and the potential for small interventions and collaborations to transform cities. The dialogue centred on the critical steps needed to create a wellbeing economy and how we can measure value for our communities.

James Mark emphasised the significance of the public realm and its relationship with arts and culture, underscoring that we are inherently social creatures seeking shared experiences:

"Arts and culture play a vital role in enhancing the built environment. Cities have grown so fast, and what we've lost sight of is the principles of wellbeing - what makes us human."

Therme Hosted Wellbeing Lunch

As wellbeing partner, Therme hosted a wellbeing lunch offering sustainably sourced food with fresh, nutritious ingredients. Guests enjoyed the menu curated by the nutritional therapists at Therme Connect – the unique service developed by Therme Group and Therme RPC, with a mission to deliver personalised, evidence-based wellbeing through nutrition.

With a healthy and delicious menu promoting gut microbiome diversity, each dish contained evidence-based ingredients to support gut health. This lunch brought together leaders from across the industry to enjoy a range of dishes which reflect Therme’s ethos of ‘wellbeing for all'.

James Mark speaking during the wellbeing lunch (left). An example of a nutritionally-dense meal that was served to guests during the lunch (right).

What is a Circular City?

Therme’s partners Arup hosted the ‘Citizens as Stakeholders in a Circular City’ panel. The conversation focussed on circular economies and addressed important questions such as; ‘How do we enable citizens to be active and willing participants to help deliver on a circular city?’ and ‘What are the key barriers and challenges – how do we overcome them?’ James Cheung, partner at Therme Group and Mamou-Mani Architect’s joint venture, Fab Pub, joined the conversation.

The conference resulted in many valuable introductions and connections, helping to solidify Therme’s pursuit to transform urban wellbeing in London and other major cities worldwide.

 Panellist in conversation at the ‘Citizens as Stakeholders in a Circular City’ panel.

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