Therme Group Asia

Therme Group Asia is responsible for the roll-out of Therme Group projects across Asia. As the world’s largest continent, home to the most populous cities, Asia is immensely diverse in its cultures, climates and societies. This unique positioning means it offers an opportunity for Therme Group to bring a redefined model of urban living and wellbeing to many millions of people.

As Therme develops its projects in the region it will focus on understanding the individuality of each location to ensure it creates globally unique, iconic landmarks that are strongly anchored in local cultural heritage and values.

Asia is rich with many diverse traditions of thermal bathing.

Therme Group Asia puts great emphasis on the importance of strategic partnerships with relevant local stakeholders. The aim is to achieve mutually beneficial relationships, develop socially responsible projects and maximise the potential of every project for the communities it serves. In order to deliver this collaborative approach, Therme Group Asia is organised into teams with specific regional focuses.

Therme Group Asia – South Korea

Therme Group Asia’s team in South Korea will lead the development of Therme Group projects in urban centres throughout South Korea.

In 2022, Therme Group announced that it is working with the Incheon Metropolitan City Mayor and the IFEZ (Incheon Free Economic Zone) Commission to bring a wellbeing resort to Incheon, South Korea that can welcome upwards of one million people per year.

Korean traditions of public jjimjilbang baths and health-giving food align closely with the Therme concept and the resort will reflect this unique history and culture.

The letter of cooperation between Therme Group and IFEZ (Incheon Free Economic Zone) was signed in Frankfurt. Pictured at the signing from left; IFEZ Deputy Director Nicholas Kim, Therme Group’s Senior Vice President Stelian Simion Iacob, IFEZ commissioner Kim Jin-yong, and Therme Group Asia’s Kim Insook.

Meet the Therme Group Asia team

Viorel Beltechi CEO, Therme Group Asia in China
CEO, Therme Group Asia in China
Viorel is the CEO of Therme Group Asia and also serves as VP of Energy and Engineering on the Therme Group Worldwide Executive Advisory Board. An experienced diplomat, he played key roles working in various government departments, particularly in the energy sector. Among his many achievements were promoting and developing the economic relationship between Romania and China, as well as coordinating the energy sector in the 16+1 Central and Eastern Europe cooperation with China.
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Kim Insook Head of Development for Therme Group Asia in South Korea
Head of Development for Therme Group Asia in South Korea
Kim Insook will be leading the development of Therme Group South Korea. In November 2022, Therme Group and the Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) signed a MOU to create a year-round wellbeing destination in the city of Incheon, the gateway to Seoul and South Korea. 

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