Q+A: Inside Therme’s plans for giant thermal baths, vertical farms and experiential art

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Therme Group’s CFO, Adrian Ion spoke to React News about Therme Group and its future plans.


“What is Therme all about?”
“We really believe in the fact that Therme should be accessible to as many people as possible. The locations should provide easy access, preferably by public transport and we don’t have any divide in terms of generations, or income brackets.”

“Who would you compare Therme to?”
“I don’t want to pick anyone in particular, but I would say that, from a real estate perspective, we do compare ourselves with other social infrastructure that is available already in our cities. Be it your local opera house or a theatre, or a stadium, or library, or swimming pool. We see ourselves in that category. What we provide is a public good, and that’s something that kind of guides our thinking on how we develop the content and the commercial proposition of Therme.”

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