Articles on THERME GROUP


Beneath the Canopy: Exploring Amazonian Soils for Nature-based Climate Solutions

Last year, Therme sponsored an Amazon research expedition to explore possible climate change mitigation solutions. Therme NAT team member, Jakob Nolte, was a member of the interdisciplinary research team and shares some information on the project.


“There is No War in Sauna”: The Story Behind Sauna Aid

Photographer, writer and film-maker, Mikkel Aaland shares the story behind the charity Sauna Aid and why he believes sauna should be part of everyday life, not a luxury.


'What is Wellbeing, Anyway?' An Epistemological View of Wellbeing from COGITO's Christopher Willard-Kyle

Therme Research Fellow from the University of Glasgow, Christopher Willard-Kyle briefly shares some philosophical arguments for what wellbeing actually means.


Inspiring Insights on Cities, Wellbeing and Culture with Prof. Ricky Burdett and Paul Goldberger

Prof. Ricky Burdett and Paul Goldberger shed light on the resilience and allure of cities at Therme Group's Wellbeing Leadership Summit 2023.


Joining the Dots: When Personal Wellness Becomes Population Wellbeing by Sophie Howe

Former Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, Sophie Howe shares how joined-up thinking is crucial to improve whole community wellbeing.


Feeding the Cities of the Future: Embracing Vertical Farming for Sustainable Urban Agriculture

Darren Moore from Therme RPC shares how vertical farming could offer a sustainable alternative to food production in comparison to traditional extractive methods of agriculture.


A Post-Pandemic Return to Wellness Roots with Nancy Davis

Nancy Davis shares how Therme embraces key trends and paves the way for democratising wellness experiences at Therme’s Wellbeing Leadership Summit 2023.


Therme’s First US Location Aims for Community Empowerment and National Impact

Therme US recently joined Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser to announce a partnership with the US capital city.


News from Across Therme Group

Senior Marketing Executive, Ailish White shares some updates from events and publications from across the Group.


Celebrating Seven Years of Therme Bucharest

In January Therme Bucharest turned 7! Andrada Seitan looks back on 7 years of Therme Bucharest and shares how the Romanian team celebrated with guests.