Articles on SAUNA


Textile Wellness: Germany’s Changing Bathing Habits

Kerstin Huth, Head of Marketing at Thermengruppe Josef Wund, our long-term strategic partner, shares some fascinating insights into changing bathing trends in Germany.]


From Romans to Wild-Swimming: The Evolving Story of Public Bathing in Britain

When you think of thermal bathing, the UK might not be the first place that comes to mind. However, the country has a long and rich history of public bathing.


In Conversation With Sami Rintala, Sauna Expert

We talk to renowned Architect, Sami Rintala about his work designing saunas and the impact of space, nature and culture on the sauna experience.


“There is No War in Sauna”: The Story Behind Sauna Aid

Photographer, writer and film-maker, Mikkel Aaland shares the story behind the charity Sauna Aid and why he believes sauna should be part of everyday life, not a luxury.


A Photo Journey into Herbarium Festival 2023

Herbarium Festival, a unique event launched in April 2023, brings together sauna practitioners from across the globe to celebrate sauna culture and herbalism.


One to Watch: Steam of Life

Watch 'Steam of Life' for a breathtaking insight into sauna culture in Finland.


News from Across Therme Group

Senior Marketing Executive, Ailish White shares some updates from events and publications from across the Group.