Articles on CITIES


In Conversation with... Amanprit Arnold

We speak to Deaf Urban Strategist, Amanprit Arnold, about her work and the importance of creating inclusive urban spaces, the challenges that need to be addressed and the benefits they can bring to everyone.


Urban Wellness Infrastructure Builds the Future of Cities

Therme Group US’ President and Chief Strategy Officer, Robert Hammond and Chief Development Officer, Omar Toro-Vaca discuss how successful cities and businesses are fuelling resilient growth by building for wellness at scale.


Inspiring Insights on Cities, Wellbeing and Culture with Prof. Ricky Burdett and Paul Goldberger

Prof. Ricky Burdett and Paul Goldberger shed light on the resilience and allure of cities at Therme Group's Wellbeing Leadership Summit 2023.


Joining the Dots: When Personal Wellness Becomes Population Wellbeing by Sophie Howe

Former Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, Sophie Howe shares how joined-up thinking is crucial to improve whole community wellbeing.


Feeding the Cities of the Future: Embracing Vertical Farming for Sustainable Urban Agriculture

Darren Moore from Therme RPC shares how vertical farming could offer a sustainable alternative to food production in comparison to traditional extractive methods of agriculture.


From Miasmas to Modernity: A History of Building Healthy Places with Robert Ogilvie

Robert Ogilvie, Founder of OgilvieLabs and Former Director of SPUR Oakland, shares an insight into the long history of public health and urban planning working together to create healthier places.


Explorations on Liberating Spaces and Collaboration from the Venice Architecture Biennale 2023

Therme Art held its Wellbeing Culture Forum talk titled "Liberating Spaces through Collaborative Praxis" at the British Pavilion during the 2023 Venice Biennale.


News from Across Therme Group

Senior Marketing Executive, Ailish White shares some updates from events and publications from across the Group.