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Taking the Plunge - Exploring the Rise in Popularity of Cold Therapies

Taking the Plunge - Exploring the Rise in Popularity of Cold Therapies


Beyond Hydration: Tasting the Waters with Aquatasteology

Water Sommelier, Milin Patel, shares why we should reframe our attitude towards water, to respect its history, health benefits and taste, and why he is advocating for ‘Aquatasteology’.


The Probiotic Power of Fermented Food

Jessica Kanerva, Nutritional Expert at Therme RPC explores why including fermented food and drink as part of a balanced diet has huge benefits for health and wellbeing.


From Romans to Wild-Swimming: The Evolving Story of Public Bathing in Britain

When you think of thermal bathing, the UK might not be the first place that comes to mind. However, the country has a long and rich history of public bathing.


“There is No War in Sauna”: The Story Behind Sauna Aid

Photographer, writer and film-maker, Mikkel Aaland shares the story behind the charity Sauna Aid and why he believes sauna should be part of everyday life, not a luxury.


Joining the Dots: When Personal Wellness Becomes Population Wellbeing by Sophie Howe

Former Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, Sophie Howe shares how joined-up thinking is crucial to improve whole community wellbeing.


Feeding the Cities of the Future: Embracing Vertical Farming for Sustainable Urban Agriculture

Darren Moore from Therme RPC shares how vertical farming could offer a sustainable alternative to food production in comparison to traditional extractive methods of agriculture.


From Miasmas to Modernity: A History of Building Healthy Places with Robert Ogilvie

Robert Ogilvie, Founder of OgilvieLabs and Former Director of SPUR Oakland, shares an insight into the long history of public health and urban planning working together to create healthier places.