Therme Group Advances Conversations on wellbeing and Experience Economies in the North of England

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A panel of real estate experts, including Therme CFO, Adrian Ion, explored wellbeing and experience trends in the leisure and hotel economies in the North of England and beyond. the installation.

The leisure market in the UK is worth c£100 billion annually and the ‘wellness/wellbeing’ market is valued at c£1.5 trillion a year globally. To explore how this impacts the leisure and hotel industry, Therme Group partnered with leading real estate publication, React News to bring ‘Investing in the North’s Leisure & Hotel market: capturing the potential of wellbeing and experience economy trends.’ The webinar explored topics relating to why investment in leisure and wellbeing in the North is an attractive commercial proposition, defining the “experience economy” and how Therme Group and others are building experiential destinations, and the role of wellbeing in recovering from the pandemic and how this can be leveraged by operators and developers.

Adrian Ion was joined by an expert panel made up of Executive Director of Development and Peel L&P, James Whittaker; Director – Strategy, Travel & Leisure at PwC, Eleanor Scott and Michael O’Hare, Director – Hotels & Resorts Consulting at Colliers. 

During the session, the panellists analysed key trends across the leisure and hotel industry, impacts of covid19, the growth of ‘wellness’ and experience markets, as well as discussing the impact of Therme Manchester on these economies in the North of England.
Below is a video summary of the webinar. Please follow this link to watch the full recording and read the post-event write-up.

Highlights from ‘Investing in the North’s Leisure & Hotel Market’ Webinar

5.34 MIN

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