New immersive exhibition launches at Therme Euskirchen

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Guests enjoy a multi-sensory forest bathing experience at Therme Euskirchen's Immersive Sky.

Thermengruppe Josef Wund and its project partners have launched an immersive guest experience fusing nature and technology at Therme Euskirchen in Germany. Together with the artist collective Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF) and the designers from The LoveTriangle, a new multi-sensory exhibition has been installed. Through sound, scent, water, movement and powerful images, guests can now enjoy a unique forest bathing experience Forest Bathing "Lupuna".

Forest Bathing "Lupuna" tells the story of the Lupuna tree from the Colombian Amazon. It shows the connection between the mighty kapok tree Lupuna, the giant tree of the rainforest, and the Queen of the Night flower, which grows high in its branches. The new concept is included in the admission price and demonstrates how Therme Group and its strategic partner Thermengruppe Josef Wund continually seek to pioneer and explore new forms of wellbeing for their guests.

Kerstin Huth Neises, Head of Marketing at Therme Euskirchen, Constanze Leuschner, Director of Communications at Therme Group, and Edelfried Balle, CEO of Thermengruppe Josef Wund.

Therme Group and its strategic partners continually seek to pioneer and explore new forms of wellbeing for their guests. 

"We not only want to set new standards, but also underpin them with a strong commitment to improving the quality of life of our guests and our community. We are creating something new with innovative ideas using technologies and media that meet people’s needs" shared Franz Hofstetter, CIO of the Thermengruppe Josef Wund.

More information on the Immersive Sky experience can be found here.

Members of Thermengruoppe Josef Wund and its project partners at the Immersive Sky's launch.

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