Therme Bucharest Attracts Record Number of International Visitors

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Therme Bucharest, Therme Group's flagship resort, has seen record international visitor numbers in 2023. With an increased global recognition of the Therme concept, 30% of visitors to Therme are shown to be guests from outside of Romania. Bookings from the UK alone have increased by 240% from the previous year, in advance of the hotly anticipated Therme Manchester opening.

Guests enjoy an exercise class as part of the sports and fitness programming offered in Therme Bucharest.

In the UK and Bucharest, there has been high profile press coverage and a trending social media buzz around the 'Tik Tok famous' destination. Amid this groundswell of interest, Therme has benefited from a UK viral trend for extreme day trips, that has captured the imagination of both the public and the media. Guests are flying to Bucharest and back in a single day and documenting how affordable this is compared to a spa experience at home. Mainstream media titles have picked up on this trend, which even featured in the Daily Mail, The Independent and The Sun after a recent UK press trip to Bucharest. 

A fantastic events calendar in Bucharest has been effective at encouraging repeat visitation. As part of its commitment to championing sauna culture, the Herbarium Festival was launched in 2023. Dedicated to sauna and herbalism, the festival drew together thousands of visitors and over 30 international holistic specialists. With 13 international Aufguss masters, the success of Herbarium led to its adoption by Therme’s German partners Thermengruppe Josef Wund.

Herbarium festival was created as a celebration of the active sauna community at Therme Bucharest.

Sauna Fest, the largest sauna festival in the world, is growing year on year, with 2023 welcoming approximately 30,000 visitors. The three-week event offers spectacular multi-sensory sauna rituals to guests from around the world.

Another popular event, the ‘Korean Days at Therme’ festival, offered an exploration of South Korean art, culture and gastronomy. The largest event of its kind in Romania, it was the first of a series of events as part of Therme’s cultural exchange programme with its partners in South Korea.

Therme Bucharest is now recognised as one of the most fun and accessible wellness destinations in Europe. With the Therme concept poised for worldwide growth, the UK in particular is primed for its arrival. 

Left: Therme Bucharest's wellbeing team offer a comprehensive range of massage therapies designed to bring diverse health benefits. Right: Guests enjoy a fun and relaxing day at Therme.

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