Therme Group Supports Greater Manchester Community by Donating PPE

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Therme Manchester, due to open in 2023, is part of Therme Group’s global development programme and is committed to benefiting the health and wellbeing of the community it serves.

As part of its life-long commitment to the people of Greater Manchester, Therme Group saw it as its duty to support Greater Manchester’s effort against Covid-19 by donating a number of PPE items. Therme Group expressed its profound gratitude to all healthcare and key workers for their dedication and exceptional work at this very challenging time. 

Therme Group was able to provide PPE to NHS Manchester, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and Manchester based community groups, including a number of essential food banks. Totalling over 21,000 pieces of equipment, the PPE included goggles, visors, protective wear, gloves, IR Thermal Detectors, dental masks and N95/FFP3 Masks.

Therme Group would also like to extend a special thanks to Community 4×4 response for their work in distributing PPE items throughout the Greater Manchester area.

PPE items, donated by Therme Group, being delivered by local group Community 4×4 response

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