Therme Group presents Therme Forum: Public Spaces – Built and Virtual Environments

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For a second consecutive year, Therme Group partnered with Sibiu International Theatre Festival to host a series of discussions in preparation for the development, design and construction of a new building for the Radu Stanca National Theatre in Sibiu.

Building on the 2019 Festival’s theme THE ART OF GIVING, this year’s Therme Forum explored ways in which the physical and virtual public experience around theatres shapes our communities, impacting on the performing arts and influencing the resilience and sustainability of our organizations.

The event gathered acclaimed architects, creatives, theatre professionals and artists such as Jason Bruges (Jason Bruges Studio), Bogdan Zaha (Zaha Hadid Architects), Nelson Fernandez (NFA International Arts and Culture), Constantin Chiriac (Sibiu International Theatre Festiva), Robert C. Hanea (Therme Group), David Baile (International Society for the Performing Arts), Fiona Zisch (UCL – Neuroscience and Architecture) Gary McCluskie (Diamond Schmitt Architects), Guo Chenzi & Lynn Fu (Yue Opera Town).

Discussion focused on cultural developments as large investments for communities that can and should reflect, challenge and build our community identity on a daily basis, as well as be at the heart of civil society and democratic dialogue.

Questions discussed included:

  • In a world of information flow that largely transcends traditional geographical boundaries, how can we ensure that facilities are designed to be locally relevant, culturally sustainable and competitive?
  • Can we create iconic experiences that bring people together?
  • Can we create a public urban realm within buildings?
  • Can we blur the boundaries to create a more meaningful city experience through a single building project?
  • Where does a building start and stop – can a building for the arts be a symbol as well as shelter?
  • What impact can it have for the community?
  • How can a building embody and project the identity and values of an institution?
  • How can we make sure that our buildings say what we want people to hear or feel?
  • What do our buildings say about who we are?

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