Therme Group integrates engineering company Delta-X to drive global expansion plans

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Therme Group, is proud to announce the integration of German engineering company Delta-X within its business.

Delta-X has over 30 years’ experience of engineering highly complex and challenging structures, including the German Pavilion at the Hanover World Expo 2000, Badewelt Sinsheim and Therme Bucharest. The Delta-X team provides world-leading expertise on areas including steel, glass and timber construction, structural dynamics and building information modelling.

This expertise will be essential in delivering the Therme Manchester architectural concept, which has a largely transparent, organic and flowing steel and glass structure. The unique design will be a landmark development for the city and is set to become an iconic symbol of England.

Therme Group’s resorts are some of the largest attractions in the world and Delta-X has been instrumental in developing every Therme project to date.

Bringing Delta-X into the Therme Group family of companies is a key step in an ongoing global expansion programme including the UK, mainland Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. The newly integrated company will be involved in further expanding the capabilities of Therme Group for delivering the world’s most advanced wellbeing resorts.

Delta-X will be involved throughout the design and construction of all future Therme Group projects, including Therme Manchester, ensuring the highest levels of excellence and greatest degree of safety.

Construction is due to start on Therme Manchester in 2021, with the wellbeing resort scheduled to open in 2023.

“We’ve worked together for so long now, we see the Delta-X team as an integral extension of our own. We’re so pleased to officially bring them on board and know this will only strengthen our expertise.”

Stelian Iacob, Senior VP of Therme Group and UK Director of Therme Group UK said.

“We have been a key contributor to Therme Group projects from inception through to delivery. We are delighted to now be part of Therme Group, which will allow us to shape the future of wellbeing by focusing on the technologies of the buildings of the future.”

Prof. Dr. Albrecht Burmeister, who joins Therme Group’s Board of Directors as Technology Vice President commented.

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