Should London have a Formalised Wellbeing Standard – James Mark

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Therme Group UK COO, James Mark reports from the second meeting of the New London Architecture expert panel on wellbeing.

“Maybe it’s time for systemic change in the Landlord/tenant relationship. The focus needs to be on the wellbeing of people rather than purely land value. We also need a clear understanding and common language around what constitutes a healthy building – with different certification schemes focussing on different aspects (from WELL to BREEAM to the EPC), it’s not always clear what path to follow.

This is not to say that buildings should be designed within a set of parameters that removes beauty or restricts freedom of design – quite the opposite in fact. Understanding how architecture can enhance the wellbeing of people is a fundamental starting point. Biophilic design is a good example of this – not only connecting people with nature but also significantly improving the quality of internal air.”

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