Analysis: Therme Group – Wellbeing Makes Waves

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International developer and operator Therme straddles the leisure and healthcare sector, but above all it is a provider of ‘wellbeing’

Extract of interview with Therme Group CFO, Adrian Ion:

“Every centre possesses similar designs in terms of nature, palm trees, lighting, and so on. But there will be unique design elements depending on the location. ‘We endeavour to create something unique and a landmark in our local community, reflecting something such as the local heritage,’ says Ion.

“Speaking of wellbeing, reducing toxicity and being sustainable is also part of the plan. ‘We use a lot of natural materials from marble floors to natural woods to minimise chemicals so that we reduce toxicity,’ says Ion. ‘Speaking of which, we encourage visitors to leave their mobile phones in the secure lockers where there are charging points as an incentive. People are semi clothed and tend to leave their phone behind in the changing areas. Instead, they interact with the water and nature.”

“Ion describes Therme as being a sub-sector of the leisure industry but at the same time it is close to preventative healthcare and therefore straddles that asset category. In the palm-fringed adult relaxation parts of it centres there are Pilates and yoga classes. In the treatment area, experts teach the proper use of saunas to match a need for cardio health or general relaxation.”“As one might expect, Therme is looking at other ways to expand its wellbeing concepts. ‘I think we are not so much a holiday or tourist destination but something that provides local people with an experience. I think where we try to be is in the experience economy,’ sums up Ion.”

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